Online Broker

For my trading purposes I’m using Zecco.  They have the cheapest trading fees at $4.50 a trade which, over time, can really make a difference in your profit margin.  If you make 25 trades or more or maintain a $25,000 balance in your account they will even give you 10 free trades a month.

I’ve been using them for nearly 6 months now and have no complaints on their execution speed.  My trades are often executed without delay.  Their customer service responds to any issue within 24 hours to fix any minor issue that may arise.

The trading platform is intuitive and very easy to understand.  They also have an extensive community forum which can fill in any gaps in understanding that you may have.  It also can provide valuable trading insight from time to time.

They are currently offering $75 for any new person that you sign up.  If you do decide to do so, do it through me, send me an e-mail and I will give you $25 of my reward once it goes through.


2 Responses to Online Broker

  1. The3rdbridge says:

    Zecco has also treated me very well. Highly reccomended!

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