Why Apple Nickel?

About me:

I am a full time trader since April of 2009, right after the bottom had been put in from the latest stock market crash.  Everything I know about trading is through learning from my mistakes.  Each loss that I’ve had gave me a lesson.  I try to share what I learn as I go along on this site, as well market insights and my current bearish and bullish watch lists.  My hope is not only that I can help those starting out in trading with some of the basics, I am hoping for constructive feed back that might help advance my technique.

All stock information contained in this blog if for informational purpose only.  I am not advising anyone to make trades based on what they see here, I simply write my views.

As I go along I sometimes reflect on the fact that I seemed to have picked the worst moment in history to get started in the markets.  I like to think that if I can succeed in such an environment I will be well prepared for the time when the markets fare better.

I am currently working on a fractal geometry technique based on a stop system that jumps between different time frames in the attempt to catch the maximum moves with the least risk.  Risk management being the key to success in any form of trading.


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