A quick note

It’s painfully obvious that this blog has been inactive since May of 2011.  In that post, I stated that the government instability and debt ceiling woes has kept me in the sidelines.

Well here we are in March of 2013 and the debt ceiling is STILL an issue,  now with the sequester.  Nearly two years and the government has yet to fix it’s internal disputes.

That being said, we are reaching record highs in the markets.  So perhaps I was too hasty in my decision to completely remove myself from it.  Having started investing in 2009 at the height of the collapse, these tribulations and fundamental weaknesses appear trite in comparison.  Yes it’s easy to see that the markets are riding high on Fed stimulus money and that Europe is still slowly crumbling.  Corporate profits are at a record high, while domestic unemployment is also stubbornly high.

I believe that I will reenter the markets soon.  Though not immediately.  Doing a quick technical analysis of the major indices, I think that we are due for a correction before a possible continuation.  Many less sophisticated investors are probably entering the market now as a result of the record highs, which is a good time for the institutions to lighten their positions and cash in their profits.

This blog set out to be originally as a reliable day to day update at the market condition.  It is now a repository of tutorials and thoughts, updated occasionally.  Thank you for those that continue to check it out and I look forwards to what the future has to bring.


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