Why Apple Nickel?

Some of you might have wondered why this site is named Apple Nickel.  I got inspired to get into the stock market partly by hearing of stories of investors during the great depression of the 1930’s.  These men, after the worst stock market crash in history that purportedly drove some to suicide were devastated financially.   Rich men were made poor in an instant, from all to nothing.  But some of them could not be kept down, some of them started the journey over again with modest means.

This man, wearing an expensive suit is selling apples for a nickel to avoid the shame of panhandling.  Some of these men, went on to make enough profit from this activity to build themselves a small investing stake.  They eventually became successful traders once again and regained their former status.

It is not the money that is the primary focus of this story, it is the perseverance.  I believe that the tool needed to succeed in this cut throat profession is perseverance, discipline, and the ability to learn from mistakes.  The ability to achieve and maintain these qualities determine the ultimate fate of those that participate.  That is why I am inspired by these investors, who didn’t let the fact that they had lost everything stop them.  They knew what they were doing, and with work and perseverance were able to succeed.


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