Dear People of Earth,

Dear People of Earth,

Countries and Corporations are very much life forms such as ourselves.  In which we process food to survive, countries process power, and expansion.  Corporations feed solely on numbers which we all communally agree are worth something…  These life forms are hungry… very hungry and what they feed on is not numbers or titles… but Human blood.  Human blood in wars, human blood in factories, human blood in time and human blood in suffering.   This sounds like something only our greatest nightmares could create…  something that feeds on human blood for survival?   and yet here it is, we are it.  As humans we’ve created these very live monsters, as humans can we destroy them as well?  I think the answer to that question will determine whether we live or die in the eyes of time.  We, as humans, are like drug addicts that will pay our way into death.  We crave money like  he would crave the last hit.


– Jeremy C. Hansen


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