Weekly Watch List 2/8/10

The markets are starting to trend downwards.  Looking at the moving averages in the major indices, we are on the brink of a confirmed stage 4 decline.  I’m gearing up for intermediate short positions thus my list for this week are going to reflect this.  Smaller positions and tighter stops are in order to reduce risk in this unclear market.  A breakdown below this area (9975) would bring us lower to 9830 area and then 9700 respectively.  A rally here would have to be seen with a lot of suspicion with resistances at 10050 and 10300.  Stay safe out there.

AYE    20.915
BPSG    3.9075
BWEN     5.34
BYD    7.575
C     3.21
CMC    13.90
DCP    10.84
DRYS    5.3212
ENER     8.86
EXM     5.26
FCN    41.38
FPL    47.24
FSLR    110.945
GME    19.84
HEV     3.83
IMGN     6.30
JCP    24.47
NRG    21.74
NVTL     7.27
NYX    22.95
OI    26.63
PCS    5.905
PMCS     8.15
PNK     7.37
RJET     5.05
S    3.565
SMTC    15.06
SONC     8.22
TAP    41.43
TNDM    15.18
TSRA    17.09
TTEK    20.62
YTEC     3.21

Good Trading.


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