Top 10 sites that will make you a succesful trader

1.  Bloomberg –

ah Bloomberg, I would have voted for him in the mayoral election simply based on the amazing usefulness of his site alone.  The first thing I do when I wake up is the check this site.  The front page not only will inform you on the big news moving the markets, but on the right side you will be able to see how the indexes are doing as well as futures.  Also when US markets are closed it automatically switches to the European and Asian markets.

Additionally, they have quite a few nifty sub section if you dig deeper.  one of note will be the market news.  A list of stocks that will be on the move for whatever reason.  Great for finding volatility.  Also let’s not forget the economic calendar.  I personally use this every day in my trading to take a look at what the week’s economic news looks like.  Click on the links to check the market consensus which is generally fairly accurate.

This site has something for everyone.  Any style of trading and financial vehicle is covered in some form here.  Worth taking the time to poke around and dig up the information you are after.

2.  Yahoo Finance –

Is this too obvious?  Yahoo finance is great tool especially for fundamental investors.  Not only can you check out the fundamentals and the latest news on any given stock but if you poke around you find this page.  Here you can find links to company earnings, stock splits, IPO’s, mergers, Up/Downgrades, etc…  I mainly use it for the earnings to make sure my stocks aren’t anywhere near them.  Again, something for everyone, great to dig deeper into.  A word of warning though – avoid the message boards at all costs.  It seems to be mostly populated by 30 something bashers that still live in their mother’s basement and Jim Cramer.  Though occasionally people will be helpful, tread at your own risk.  Which brings me to my next site…

3. StockTwits –

StockTwits is a rapidly growing community of traders, mostly of the short term technical variety, that exchange their thoughts and actions.  Trading is all about power in numbers right?  Well this gives a voice from the smallest independent trader (me) to hedge fund managers.  It has a nifty option to build a portfolio that will screen out only the stocks of interest.  Personally I used the feature to add all the indexes which gives me a good running commentary on the broader markets.  As all advice, it should only be used in support of what YOU are thinking.  It can also be used to get a pulse on the mind of the mob.

4. –

This site not only has great learning tools in their chartschool section, but if you sign up as a paying member, has the greatest market scanning tools for technical traders I’ve come across.  The scans are fully customizable using all of the mainstream chart patterns.  It is THE tool i use to find the stocks I trade in.  From swing trading, day trading, and gap trading – this is the scan for me.  A great feature is that the results can be downloaded in Excel readable .cvs format which then copies and pastes right into my Esignal quote windows.  The charts are also very decent, and could be used for casual trading.  Finally, they put out market newsletters which are short and to the point – telling you what is moving the markets.  Very affordable and useful.

5.  Swing Trading Guide –

This site is singularly responsible for turning me into a swing trader.  It goes into great detail in clear manner on how to swing trade stocks, what to look for, and how to execute it.  This site gave me a great understanding of candlestick patterns and general swing trading technique.  It goes as far as to provide the code to run the scans at the above site –  The tone of the site is clear and understandable.  I will be eternally grateful for the knowledge I found here.

6. Zecco –

No list would be complete without plugging my favorite brokerage.  Zecco offers $4.50 trades and 10 free trades a month providing you have over $25,000 in your account.  I’ve read many mixed reviews online, but I personally have had little issues with them.  Any issues I did have were very promptly resolved by the customer service department.  Trades are executed with speed and to my liking.  If you are interested in signing up, give me a shout I will share my referral bonus with you.

7.  Incredible Charts –

This site has tons of information on technical trading.  You can delve deeply in chart analysis using the information on this site.  I used it to learn the ins and outs of candlestick patterns, which has helped me infinitely in my day to day trading.  It’s the kind of place you should go when you have a moment of repose.  Are you wondering what you should learn next?  Check this place out and feast your mind on the endless possibilities.

8.  Investopedia –

Another site chock full of information.  Teaching tools, articles on the psychology of trading, chart patterns… This site has it all.  I would often land on this site through google by searching for various terms and techniques.  If you are self-learned and self-disciplined, this can be one of your greatest teaching tools.

9.  StumbleUpon –

Ok so this site has just as much a chance to destroy you as to help you.  But if you are VERY disciplined, you can use this for good.  It has customizable searches that will take you to investment websites that you might have missed otherwise.  It also has a section dedicated to finance and investing.  Use this with caution, do not blame me if you stay up the entire night looking at pictures of lolcats.

10.  Applenickel –

What’s this?  You already know about this one?  Well what would a list be without some shameless self promotion to boot?  I aim to deliver interesting content, only when it is worth of my readers.  This means that I might go for a period of time with no updates at all, but the site stays alive for you can follow my moves through my updated twitter app on the right side of the main site.  Come back check often, you might find the apple of truth.


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