Hello everyone,

I apologize for the lack of posting. To give a quick update I have stopped daytrading and now am in the realm of swing trading. That means no more 20 minutes moves instead I usually have a holding period of 2-7 days. I also made an evolutionary leap (sorry creationists) in my money management techniques. My strategy is much more focused than before. I owe it all to this site – http://www.swing-trade-stocks.com/
Seriously, read all this site has to offer. It has proven quite lucrative for me. It has stabilized my portfolio and now I am back on track on etching out an income from trading. But remember, never stop learning. (I think I’m talking to myself mostly here).

Alright so I will post some more charts and tidbits soon. In the mean time I am still posting my moves on Stocktwits which you should be able to see real time on this site or by following my directly on twitter @DaBelg.

Happy Trading!


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