Recap of the week

This week I took quite a beating.  Although I expected the markets going down some plays I made last week that I got stuck in took a dive and beat me up.  I was able to exit about 1/2 of my bad plays but I’m still stuck in a hefty AGM lot.  This quadruple witching day beat me up some more at the end with a bad call on FAZ at the end of the day.  Although I’m still holding over the weekend, I am dissapointed that it didn’t do what I expected.

All in all this week has forced me to reevaluate some of my technique which has helped me gain a further understanding of MACD, a powerful and significant indicator.  I am still expecting the markets to dramatically go down.  S&P will go below 900 before it goes about 1000 in my opinion.

I am currently in a nice PALM short at 14.40.  I also have short positions in CCL.  I am currently long FAZ and APWR. and unfortunately long AGM, PNX.  Still a bagholder for STEM.  On another hand my OTTR is up around 15%.

Looking for a better week next week.


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