Latest Trade – WFC 3/29/2009

Date:  3/29/09

Symbol:  WFC

Shares: 305

Cost                        Buy          Sell               Cost

“$4,880.00”        $16.00    $16.88    “$5,143.90”

Profit        Profit %

$263.90    5.50%

“Made a trade based on a nice downward swing.  Looked at all the technicals such as RSI, Stochastic, and even calculated the 50% retracement point and saw that all was good.  Did not notice the news of Moody’s downgrade until after I got into the position.  After some worrying downward moves, the stock closed at precisely the point of retracement in a late trading rally.  Tried to sell but was blocked by a Good Till Canceled order and had to hold it overnight.  Next morning in the JURY ROOM I followed the pre-market stock prices and set the price at the top price that I saw.  Traded out 2 cents away from the market top at the open.”

Click to enlarge

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