Welcome to Apple Nickel

Hello everyone and welcome to Apple Nickel.  I am aim to make this site a comprehensive resource for young investors who are just starting out and wish to learn everything about trading from the ground up.  I myself do not pretend to be an expert, however you, as my reader, can follow in my footsteps as I learn the tools of the trade.

The current market conditions are dismal at best, we are in an extremely bearish market which means stocks are trending downwards.  On the other side of things, stocks have never in our lifetimes been as oversold and undervalued as this.  If you have an iron stomach you can stand to make a good amount of money on long positions, that is where you hold your stock for a year or more.

The volatility in the market creates liquidity which is to say that stock prices will move up or down violently.  Using those swings in prices, one can stand to make a pretty penny in day trading.  This technique is what I am concentrating on.  I am currently amassing the required capital to begin my work as a day trader.  Currently SEC rules indicates that you must hold a minimum balance of $25,000 dollars if you are to trade more than 4 equities within a 5 business day period.  In order to effectively day trade you would really be trading around 20 times a day!  As you can see, meeting the minimum requirements for day trading is a must.

Why call the site Apple Nickel?  I was inspired by those braves souls of Wall St. Circa the Great Depression.  Having lost everything in the tumbling markets, they took to the streets dressed in their finest Gentleman’s clothes and began selling apples for nickels.  Some must have reinvested in the stock market and came back on top.  Although I haven’t lost everything as they did, I find this story inspiring and hold this image in mind when working towards my financial independence.

He lost it all on Wall St.

Rebuilding an empire, one apple at a time.


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  1. Curt says:

    This will be interesting.
    I’m signing up to follow the comments.

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